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Can tea cause kidney stone?

Since tea is good for increasing urine and preventing kidney stones, why do doctors suggest that patients with kidney stones drink less or no tea? So, is there a relationship between drinking tea and...


Tea has anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties

The relationship between tea and the body Tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and death A new study reports, Japanese researchers somewhere from 1994 to 40000 in older adults aged 40 to 79...


What is Darjeeling Black Tea?

Darjeeling black tea is a small leaf tea plant that grows in the southern end of the Himalayas, in the town of Darjeeling in western India, and is close to the open mouth of...


What is Assam Black Tea?

Assam black tea is a very special black tea, because Assam black tea is harvested from a different tea plant, and Assam black tea is found in the lowland region of the same name...


What is black tea?

Black tea according to the different manufacturing methods, can be divided into small kinds of black tea, work-man black tea and black tea three categories. Among them, small kinds of black tea has the...


How is black tea classified?

Black tea is a kind of fully fermented tea. It is the main tea in the tea culture. It is the world’s most consumed tea. It originated from the small black tea in Wuyi...

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